Sunday, September 13, 2009

56" HDTV for $60

Ok here is the story of how my husband got this great deal!!! Since our old big screen TV broke we have been looking for a new one to replace it with. He has been searching Craig’s list for a while now. He found this big screen for $50 but it was in nonworking condition! He done some research on it and found out that it wouldn’t cost much to get it fixed!! So yesterday we went and got it came home and immediately dug into it. Found out that the diagnosis from the website was right. Those parts were definitely bad. So he called radio shack and they actually had the parts and it was only $10!!! We came back home and he put the new parts in but it didn’t work :(. He checked all the wires and connections to make sure they were all in and we tried again and it WORKED!!!!! I am so happy!!!! Can’t believe we got a 56" HDTV for $60 and only spent about 2 hours working on it!! I am so proud of him!!!! :)

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